Impact of Training

Pastor.Prasad and His Family

His Warrior

Pastor.Prasad, the guy along with his wife and Kid, was a 2017 graduate of our Bible School, as I always use to say, my calling is to Train the Un Trained people and Pastors, Pastor.Prasad has a great passion to reach his village Mogaralagoppa, it's way in the jungle, and it was raining, sucky mud, hardly we reached this village in the pitch dark last night, Ps.Prasad has been waiting for my date from the beginning of this year, it happened yesterday, I was so moved by seeing his thatched house and the floor paved with cow dung, it was a small beautiful house, and he was sharing his experience, his wife was pregnant during the training program, but they never missed a day of training, and his baby was just 5 days old during the graduation, but still they did not miss the event, and they went back to face the abuse, the typical food stamps for the family was stopped because of their faith, his wife being a nursing woman, did not have food to eat, or water to drink, you don't believe but its true how the Lord feeds his children, when he woke up in the next morning, he found a full honey comb hanging to the edges of his roof, which he took and fed his wife and himself, they were fed by the honey combs every other day for two moths, today there are many souls came into the saving knowledge of Jesus, many are getting ready to be baptise, they need a Church, last night I was able to speak at one of their believers house warming ceremony, entire village showed up to listen the word. I praise God for what God is doing through just one man like Ps.Prasad, and I also take this to thank all my friends who sowed into to train these people to reach the villages like Mogaralagoppa, which google can't find it, but Jesus. - Amen. Praise the Lord for every blessing.


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