His Church - Acts 20:28


What He entrusted US

"...Feed and shepherd God’s flock—HIS church, purchased with HIS OWN BLOOD over which the HOLY SPIRIT has appointed you as LEADERS". Acts 20:28

Bethel Prayer House - VIJAYAWADA

While doing the Series on the parables of Jesus, specially on the Parable of SOWERS, the Holy Spirit of God asked me, have you sown the seeds in your Neighbourhood, I had now answer to Him, because I was just born and brought up in the same community and people knew me in and out, and as the Bible says No Prophet would be honoured in his home town, but the Spirit of Gos constrained me to reach these people, with a little amount of loaned money we set up this small thatched roof structure, had gone through many birth pains, but today, we have more than 70 families who are first generation Christians  Worshipping the Lord at His Sanctuary.